Program Details

The Purpose (Mission)

  • Create the largest online collection of FTC notebooks.
  • Create a forum for discussion of all things notebook.
  • Create our own set of criteria and standards that notebooks ideally would follow
  • Share notebooking processes and ideas for teams
  • Design the ideal daily logs.

These are the objectives we want to meet

  • Start the 2016-17 year with 10 committed teams that will help us build this program
  • Design 5 ideal daily log formats
  • Identify the 5 best notebooking processes for teams to use
  • Grow the program during the 2016-17 FTC season to 50 teams

Details for teams

  • Contact the site manager for access to the Google Drive we will be using to share the notebooks. To start we will only open the drive for those willing to share their entire notebook.  We hope to open this up, but to start we would like to start with a limited access model so that we can gain program contributors.  
  • Team 2856 Tesseract (Washington State Think Award Winner), will start the process by sharing our notebook with anyone willing to reciprocate.  
  • Post your favorite notebook entries here for others to see.  This will be publicly available for all. We hope this will draw in people to contribute, but we also want to start a discussion about why certain entries are better than others.
  • Post your best images (CAD, hand drawn, pictures, etc).  We will post these to the programs facebook page.
  • If you have other ideas on this program we would LOVE to hear them.  Please contact us and we would be happy to collaborate.  
  • If a member(s) of your team would like access to this site we would be happy to have them as long as they agree to respect the work done by others.