S.U.N. Program

S.U.N. Progam

Super-duper Union of Notebooks

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Our Mission

The SUN program works to bring FTC teams together to share, collaborate, and discuss all topics related to the notebook process.  It is our belief that FTC teams can work together to raise the bar on designing, implementing, publishing and submitting engineering notebooks.  We strive to make the largest collection of complete engineering notebooks to be shared among all teams.  

Why do we need this program?

This program was developed by team 2856 in response to a frustration related to how difficult it was to see and share notebook ideas at competitions.  If we truly want to improve we need to see what is happening among all the teams and hear feedback that goes beyond the rules posted on the FTC website.

How can a team participate?

  • Share your fully completed notebook from this/last year.  Notebooks can be uploaded to our share drive. All notebooks can be viewed or downloaded there.  
  • Post your favorite 5 entries.  Explain why you think they are good and include any critique of the entries.
  • Post your favorite 5 pictures, drawings, images or CAD drawings.
  • Explain your notebook process that your team uses.

Help us be better engineers

We want to break open the notebooking process at the FTC level and believe that this program is a good start.  Our team will be starting notebook sharing meetings at our regional competitions and state.  Since Washington State will be a Super Regional host in 2016-17 season we will schedule a notebook sharing symposium before judging at the Western Super Regionals.  Let us hear from you on more ideas.  This program has a lot of growth potential and we want it to start now.  

How does a team benefit?

This is meant to be an open forum owned by all participants. All teams that submit their notebooks for the community can claim an equal role in this collaboration process.  Teams may present their work in this program as part of their outreach as long as they list all participating teams.  This list will be updated on the site as needed.
  • We all get better together and learn more about this challenging process.
  • You get access to all notebooks uploaded to the sites.
  • Your team can use their work on this site as part of their outreach program.  
  • You may choose a representative to have edit privileges to this site to be able to add pages and monitor content.